Neighborhood Advocates is a project to help residents become leaders for the animals and the community by working with neighbors and civic associations to raise awareness of animal welfare issues around them. We assist and encourage people to speak out to their elected officials about these issues and in the process, build momentum for much-needed change.

Neighborhood Advocates
Neighborhood Advocates
Neighborhood Advocates


Informational webinars on topics such as:

“What's going on at Houston's city hall?” Animal welfare advocates are speaking weekly at city council meetings to build momentum for much-needed change. Join us for an update and to hear about how you too can speak up for the animals.

“Everything you want to know about Cat Trap & Release (TNR).” Join us to learn more about cat trapping, how to adopt a cat colony and much more.

“Did you find a dog? Do you know what to do?” Join us as we discuss what to do if you find a stray, injured or homeless dog or cat. We don’t have all the answers but there is much we can learn from each other as we share our past experiences helping Houston’s animals.


Are you tired of seeing loose or off leash dogs?

Houston has a leash law that prohibits animals from running loose. Always leash your pet and let other pet owners know about our leash law.

Have you seen an animal being neglected or mistreated? Here's where to report it:

HSPCA: 713-869-SPCA (7722) or

HSPCA AMBULANCE: Injured animal? Call 713-880-HELP (4357)

927 PAWS: 832-927-PAWS (7297) or

Do you know someone who can’t afford to get their pets spayed or neutered and vaccinated?

We may be able to help or refer you to a low cost spay neuter clinic.

Do you want to be a better advocate for the animals around you?

We can all do more than we realize. Start by working with neighbors and civic associations to raise awareness of animal welfare issues around you. Then reach out to your elected officials and let them know we need more free and low-cost spay neuter options. Ask them for better enforcement of Houston's leash laws. And if you see animal cruelty, report it!

To join and to learn more, email

Neighborhood Advocates